Saturday Barbeque

By A.J. Peters


Though the weather is always nice in Santa Fe (283 sunny days per year!), it’s finally starting to get warm as well. And once it starts to get into the low 70s, hulla-hoops begin to magically appear on the grassy knoll and the hacky-sacking population seems to double. But it felt especially summer-y this weekend thanks to the annual Uppers Barbecue. All of the dorms have a small budget for a dorm activity–often this is something like a movie night, potluck, or midnight snack during writing period. So for at least the second year running, all of the Uppers dorms pooled their money together to fund a free, campus-wide barbecue. I had a delicious blue-cheese stuffed burger, and some of the quicker eaters got their hands on bacon-cheeseburgers. Thanks to all the RAs who helped make this happen, it made for a great Saturday afternoon.

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