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Senior Oral Done!

By Bilsana Bibic

Hi everyone,

I had my senior oral on Monday and I wanted to share the experience and the celebration of it with you. My essay was titled Principium Individuationis: The Pursuit of Happiness as a Natural Right in John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding and the Second Treatise of Government. My committee consisted of three wonderful tutors, Mr. Hand, Mr. McCombs and Ms. Rodriguez, and the conversation went really well. It was challenging and thought-provoking, and it addressed questions I left unanswered but wondered about in my essay. I wish we had a chance to do something like this more often since it was a really great experience. I just hope everyone who came to see it enjoyed it as much as I did.


This is me opening a bottle of champagne after my oral. The tradition on the Santa Fe campus is for friends to wait for the student having the oral to come out with a prepared bottle of champagne and in this way commemorate the experience.


This is a random photo of me being happy that I’m done, talking and laughing with friends.



And finally, my adviser and I congratulating each other on the good work we’ve done. Since Ms. Elliot is a new tutor, this was the first paper she advised and as you can see, she was as happy as I was with the oral and with our success. 🙂

*All of the photos were taken by the amazing Chez Valentine.

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