By Bilsana Bibic

Hi everyone!

It is finally spring in Santa Fe. And I mean spring, not the week of extremely warm, sunny days and a weekend of snow. St. John’s is already buzzing with life!

The flowers are blooming, the trees and the shrubbery are green and the hummingbirds will shortly be returning. (Side note: hummingbirds are my favorite birds ever – they flap their wings at 12-80 times a second!) People usually put up bird feeders on their dorm balconies for these beauties.

Perhaps the most exciting things of all about spring is that our grassy knoll is being revived. It is now filled with students who are enjoying the weather, the sun and the grass underneath them and who love reading (and taking naps) out there. Our fish pond is now filled with new babies and the old koi are coming out of from their winter slumber and life beneath the ice.

Finally, spring is time for our tutors and students to take up their instruments again and play wonderful folk tunes on Wednesdays during lunch! If you are planing to visit, this is the right time!


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