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Spring Break!

By A.J. Peters

Woah. Apologies for being MIA. There’s been a lot going on lately.

As of yesterday, we Johnnies are on spring break. That’s two full weeks to do whatever one might please.

I write this from Charlotte, NC. I arrived last night and will be out here for ten days to visit family–most especially my grandpa, who at 98, still tears through a Benjamin Franklin biography faster than I could ever dream of. I’m looking forward to hunkering down at my aunt and uncle’s house, tucked away in the Carolina pines. I have imaginations of slow family breakfasts followed by long afternoons spent working on my enabling essay. (Perhaps we’ll also have some casual dinner-time chats about Aquinas and the perfection of man.)

For the end of break, I’ll fly out to California to spend some time with friends, and then roadtrip back to Albuquerque. We’ll then have a week-long writing period for enabling essays while reading The Prince for seminar and Middle-English poetry for language. Sounds to me like there’s a great month ahead of us.


Waiting for my connection at Dallas/Fort Worth!
Waiting for my connection at Dallas/Fort Worth. Not exactly a sunny day, but that’s okay!



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