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Retracing the voyage of Odysseus with an iPhone

By A. J. Peters


From The New Yorker:

This past spring, the photographer Stefano De Luigi set out to retrace the Mediterranean voyage  of Homer’s Odysseus, armed with only an iPhone to document his travels. In  Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, and Italy, De Luigi took Hipstamatic photos, recorded  noises from streets and seas, filmed cities and ships, and asked people he met  along the way to read excerpts from the Odyssey in their mother tongue.

“The epic has its roots in an oral tradition, transmitted by itinerant poets,  singers, and storytellers,” De Luigi writes. “In contemporary society, the  digital revolution has drastically changed the transmission of knowledge and  information. Everyone can now be a storyteller.” Here’s a glimpse of De Luigi’s  2012 iDyssey.

Be sure to watch the video and check out the original article here.

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