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Παλιγγεωεσια: Our Thrift Store

clothesBy Pavitra Antony

“I so need a costume for the party tonight, but I have a paper due so I can’t go out.”

Can any of us say that we have not experienced this feeling before? I have definitely experienced this far too many times. I wish there was something near the campus. Surprise! Now there is! St. John’s College Santa Fe now has its own thrift store.
Hao, a current sophomore is the person who has made this possible. This started when at the end of last year, Hao and his friends started noticing all the stuff that was going to waste because people just didn’t need it anymore. There were piles of useful stuff outside every dorm, and most of it got thrown out just because people didn’t know what to do with it. This got him thinking about a way to reduce this waste as well as make all the stuff useful again.

Thus, ‘Παλιγγεωεσια’ (meaning ‘rebirth’), our thrift store was created. Now, we can donate all this stuff we don’t need there and it can be bought and used by other people.

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